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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 11, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> martha: and a drone. wave to the drone. ♪ >> shannon: i'm shannon bream coming to live from bedford new hampshire covering the first in the nation new hampshire primary. we are looking at a thorough shake-up of the democratic field, the democratic socialist bernie sanders emerging victorious, small town mayor pete buttigieg forcing his way to the front of the pack with a strong second-place finish and senator amy klobuchar pulling single digits in new hampshire tonight, she is disrupting the democric field with a third-place finish. it senator elizabeth warren finds herself in dangerous territory with a disappointing fourth-place finish but even more surprising, former
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vice president joe biden refocusing tonight on south carolina, getting out of new hampshire long before the polls closed. he finished fifth. the big story tonight is the challenge facing the divided democratic party. a democratic party establishment is worried that a socialist rise will doom the party in november, will democrats get behind bernie? we have coverage night, bret baier here with in-depth analysis but we kick it off first with peter doocy at the sanders victory party. >> there were moments tonight this sounded more like the crowd at a world cup game than a primary night rally as hundreds of faithful sanders supporters waited hours to hear the senator speak for about 10 minutes and after nearly four hours of being inside this field house, they finally got to hear him do something he could not do in iowa, that is give a victory
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speech. >> with victories behind us, popular vote in iowa and the victory here tonight, we are going to nevada, we are going to south carolina, we are going to win those states as well. >> before sanders took the stage and pete buttigieg appeared on a monitor showing primary results giving his speech, sanders supporters booed and started chanting wall street pete. sanders praised all of his rivals including buttigieg and stressed he will support whoever the nominee is. tonight was more about policy than personality, every time he rattled off a key pillar of his platform, there was a jolt of electricity all through the fieldhouse. >> health care is a human right, not a privilege. the wealthy and powerful will
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start paying their fair share of taxes. we will make public colleges and universities tuition free and cancel all student debt. >> that's an agenda that sanders believes will help him continue winning primaries like tonight but he admitted that for now it's going to be tough because he is competing not only against billionaires but the democratic candidates who are funded by billionaires and he made a point to say none of his donors are billionaires themselves. >> shannon: peter doocy live on the scene.
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joe biden's not here in new hampshire, the former vice president seated the first in the nation primary with his early departure to south carolina.
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our democracy 2020 coverage jumps ahead to the palmetto state. >> former vice president joe biden told the crowd in south carolina "i hope you guys love me -- >> shannon: looks like we have some technical difficulties there, we will go back to her soon as we can. what they say about the state of the democratic race, i think brett bear is standing by with us live. can you hear me? we are going to keep trying to work out our technical difficulties, i think he standing by over there for us. let's skip ahead. president trump tonight making history amassing more votes than a suggestion for folks for primary day. >> vote for the weakest candidate possible of the democrats. let's get the official republican reaction from tonight's results, great to have you back with us. folks here are very passionate, this is how one of the supporters who ended up winning tonight characterizing trump as a politician, bernie is a movement. we've seen the passion, weeks and the crowds, what do you think of a head-to-head match up those two? >> trump is a deliverer of results, you look at 7 million new jobs, wages, unemployment record lows, the president delivered so many levels for the american people and now he gets to run on that record.
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bernie sanders is a socialist who wants total government takeover of her health care and every aspect of her lives. i think that contrast could not be clearer, socialism versus democracy and president trump in democracies going to win every time. >> shannon: "the washington post" headline "of course bernie can win" lays out the case this way. he commands an act army of volunteers and small dollar donors, he leads trump and poling in places like texas. his message resonates deeply with millions of americans. texas would surprise a lot of folks. >> i don't believe that, i'm traveling the country and i think a lot of americans are afraid of the socialist wing of the democratic party and what they are proposing to reshape this country, things like getting rid of the electoral college, expanding the supreme court, giving voting rights to 16-year-olds, opening up our borders. you saw all the democrats raise their hands and say let's give
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health care to undocumented illegal immigrants. this is not something that is the mainstream of this country especially for hardworking americans who recognize under president trump their lives are better now and they are doing much better than they were four years ago, i just don't see them looking for a candidate who is going to completely reshape the united states of america. >> shannon: one of the things we are asking voters for in the democratic primary was how to they feel the impact of the impeachment trial and the acquittal for the president? here's what they said, do you think it's going to help or hurt democrats politically. 24% said they think it would help, 32% would say it hurt, that's a huge chunk that say it's not going to impact or have a negative impact for democrats, do you think when speaker pelosi was trying to push back on this, she knew how well it was going to go for the president? >> at shows the democrats haven't done things in washington except obstruct this
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president, when you see nancy pelosi rip up the state of the union when you see her bringing the impeachment hoax on the american people and wasting taxpayer time and dollars and not get things done, it's a contrast with the president who has lead on immigration, on jobs, getting our economy going, energy independence. every level, this is a president who is getting things done and the democrats have thrown a temper tantrum for three years. by the way, we have added a million small online donors to the trump campaign since october because of this impeachment. it has energized our base and raised us a lot of money. >> shannon: great numbers for the president, record numbers for the incumbent president, ronna mcdaniel thanks for joining us. let's take a deeper dive into the results and what they say about the state of the democratic race. bret baier is sticking around
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with us, good evening. what is your overall thought, and outright win for senator sanders but not by much when it comes to mayor pete. >> bret: i think it's obviously a win for bernie sanders but closer than we thought it was going to be. it is a big story line for amy klobuchar who really capitalized on a national debate performance and growth that momentum into the weekend, obviously a strong showing for mayor pete almost pulling out a win here after his win -- although fewer votes in iowa, another big story line is who did not perform. look for the death knell's to start sounding for joe biden at elizabeth warren. you have nevada and you have to wait until the end of the month for south carolina, you wonder if joe biden can make it there.
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>> shannon: i want to play something from a senate minority leader chuck schumer about his predictions for the fall. >> democrats will be strongly united together and we will be focused like a laser on beating donald trump. the enthusiasm you last saw in 2008 to elect barack obama, you will see among democrats this summer unfold to get donald trump out of office. >> shannon: one voter was still undecided when i talked to him was leaning towards klobuchar -- is that enough, the fact that you guys hate this president, you don't like his policies, is that going to be enough? he said i know whoever is going to get the nomination has to be good on policy as well. can they unite behind bernie sanders? >> bret: that's what we're seeing right now, the creation
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of the battle for this moderately and if that's what you want to call it. the alternative to the socialist bernie sanders and it is crowded, it's going to be more crowded as michael bloomberg gets in ahead of super tuesday. you have amy klobuchar, mayor pete buttigieg, michael bloomberg, so far you still have joe biden in that lane and the more possibilities there are in that lane, the better and more empowered bernie sanders gets with consolidating the progressive lane of that vote. i will say one thing on enthusiasm. it looks like new hampshire is going to have a record as far as turnout for this primary and that is a much better story for democrats than iowa was which was a dismal turnout. >> shannon: a different feeling here for folks. moving ahead, there's a lot of debate out there about bernie sanders whether he will be the standard-bearer, whether it will be bad for the rest of the folks who would be down ticket if he were at the democratic nominee.
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we are starting to hear folks say openly they worry about holding on to swung back from trump to the democrats if bernie sanders is on the ticket it sounds like there's fear. >> bret: there's fear down ballot and fear in the party establishment, look for other things to happen. we have already seen the debate rules change to allow michael bloomberg to get on that debate stage in nevada. there will be pushback from the bernie sanders folks if more of that stuff starts happening on the way to the convention in milwaukee. i think this is going to be a knock-down, drag-out fight all the way to wisconsin. maybe it's not a brokered convention, maybe he wins out right but bernie sanders is in this for the long haul. >> shannon: we continue to hear whispers of others who may walk in at the last minute, we'll see. thank you so much for sticking around. now back to jacqui heinrich
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talking about the former vice president joe biden, he took off before the polls were closed. she is also tracking developments with michael bloomberg tonight, good morning to you. >> good morning, we were telling you before vice president joe biden in south carolina told the crowd i hope you guys love me as much as i love you guys and biden's depending on that love after a disappointing fifth place finish in new hampshire. south carolina is expected to add to the firewall with long-standing support to black voters. he reminded voters he was barack obama's vice president for eight years, he's trying to diminish the losses in iowa and new hampshire saying "those states don't reference of the rest of the country." >> you hear all these pundits and experts talk about the race, tell them it ain't over. i've said many times. you can't be the democratic
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nominee, you can't win a general election unless you have overwhelming support from black and brown voters. >> has moved to bail on his own primary nightwatch party came as a surprise to his supporters and his surrogates, one state senator telling fox he felt discouraged and fought the voters might too. leaving allowed his campaign to look forward rather than having to answer to whether he is the most electable candidates, the faces of his pitch. iowa and new hampshire damaged his fund-raising abilities and tonight april biden super packet sent out a memo to donors asking them to deep into their pockets. bloomberg has some skeletons in his closet which might come out to haunt him. a2015 audio clip surfaced with him defending the controversial stop and frisk policy.
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>> he previously apologized for that stop and frisk policy which disproportionately affected people of color that clip caught the attention of a lot of democrats tonight, the glimmer of hope for biden's campaign y yet. >> shannon: we will debate that in a little bit with our panel coming up. he dominated new hampshire in 2016 but there's something different about bernie sanders victory this time around, our vote he's ready to fully embrace socialism? what they are telling us, our political panel debates what it means. ♪
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♪ >> shannon: welcome back to bedford new hampshire, there is a new democratic candidates urging tonight. senator amy klobuchar rode the klomentum. allison, i've got to think they are feeling good. >> huge night for this campaign, the campaign manager just announced they raised $2.5 million since the polls closed. earlier tonight, aides told me they were working to add staff on the ground in nevada, south carolina, all of the super tuesday states. the campaign also announced a seven-figure add by in nevada, this will start airing tomorrow in the las vegas and reno markets. tonight the room was filled with cheers, chance of "any."
9:21 pm
the minnesota senator reminded supporters she began her campaign in a blizzard and people did not expected to last. >> then they predicted they wouldn't make it through the summer, we did. then they predicted we wouldn't make it it to the debates and man, where we at the debates in new hampshire. [cheers and applause] what we have been is steady, we've been strong and we have never quit. i think that sounds pretty good for a president. >> she got in a subtle day get some of the other 2020 contenders, she told supporters that she does not have as big of a bank account as it saw him, she said she is not a newcomer without political experience. she said "what i do is get things done." based on what we've seen in new hampshire, it's hard to argue with her on that last point. >> shannon: thank you so much.
9:22 pm
bernie sanders is officially the winner of the new hampshire democratic primary again tonight. our political panel is set to debate what tonight's result means. fox news contributor's jessica tarlov and lisa boothe and political editor chris stirewalt. it's official, bernie is doing his thing and we keep hearing there are two different lanes. we have the more moderate lane and "the washington times" had an interesting piece. pete buttigieg runs moderately well championing far left policies. he runs as a middle-of-the-road liberal but his policies including unlimited abortion rights and the spending plans that could make former president barack obama blushed don't always fit neatly into the moderate lane and they tipped her several other things. is he more bernie than biden? >> no. buttigieg is a chameleon, he is going to shift his policies --
9:23 pm
you know how he's like obama? he's going to do whatever is clever, he's going to do whatever he thinks will get him where he wants to be. buttigieg is no hard line ideologue, he's a former mckinsey consultant who has a sharp interest in paying the next president and the united states and he's going to say and do what he thinks is necessary to make that happen. >> shannon: as they decide on who the nominee is going to be, the headline "why trump will lose in 2020." four reasons, the economy isn't strong enough, bloomberg has tons of money, trumps health care blind spot, and barack obama's role. once they get someone, barack obama is going to get out there on the campaign trail and actively campaign for them. >> if you look at president trump, he got more votes for an incumbent president than any president has. there is clearly momentum there, he's been able to mass on a massive war chest, you look at the latest gallup polls, 63% of
9:24 pm
americans supporting president trump on the economy which is the most the president has had since 2001. i disagree with that, i think people are feeling the impacts and the benefits of the economy, he also has incumbency which is a great benefit as well. democrats can't figure out the direction they want to go in, he bernie sanders is diametrically opposed to the rest of this field. >> shannon: nearly 118,000 people showed up for this g.o.p. primary tonight when it's not really a contest but they came out. it's a relatively mild night for new hampshire this time of year. "the wall street journal" has an opinion piece by former governor bobby gentle, he is warning the democrats -- they hold dogmatic beliefs that are impervious to contradiction by logic or experience and cultivate a moral superiority towards unbelievabl unbelievers. >> i rarely take advice from
9:25 pm
bobbhim. i come from a more moderate side of the party, we do what we can to embrace to people who are different from us. i want to be a winner, power is about winning and you have to do whatever you can to bring in the most amount of people. we saw mayor pete talking about the abortion issue, versus amy klobuchar that said come along with us. i think there is an elegant way to say we want you to be part of the party, we are necessarily changing the policy but there's a place for you here. about 20% of democrats are pro-life democrats, hillary clinton is as well. >> wait a minute. >> what you carry it politically, people say that's the way you vote. >> shannon: roe v. wade
9:26 pm
protects a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. >> this a kinder way to talk to people who disagree with you about something as fundamental to the party's platform. your personal beliefs can be different to what you think is politically right. >> one thing that i think is interesting, pete buttigieg is not a moderate. this is somebody who has previously supported medicare for all. he's only a moderate in comparison because the front runner is a socialist. that is you go back to 2016, medicare for all was outside the mainstream of the democratic party considered an extreme policy position to have, now it's mainstream. how far ths shifted. bernie sanders basically won in iowa, he's probably going to win in nevada, he's heading to south carolina with the wind at his back and could potentially emerge as the front runner.
9:27 pm
>> shannon: how different will it be once we get to the other states? as the former vice president said tonight, he's saying african-american voters have been a big way been able to have a voice of the in the vote because the first two states are not that diverse. >> it's ten days until nevada, it's more than two weeks until south carolina, joe biden is not in this. this is not going to happen. you have to feel bad, it's a poignant moment, a guy who's going to lose a third presidential candidacy, one of the most popular and really beloved political figures in the united states who's going to fail at this again. the donors are not going to let him do this and he is in no way going to feed the bulldog on what it takes to get through. it's a sad moment for this guy who was one of this his whole career, he's been at this for 50 years and it's going to come to an end again, and that's poignant. >> shannon: one of the headlines is "don't count
9:28 pm
joe biden out." there are so many flaws which each of the other candidates. >> shannon bream, shannon bream. >> shannon: i'm just saying it's out there. >> you need to wait, there is an alternate headline tonight which is 75% of new hampshire voters rejected socialism. thank you panel. >> shannon: michael bloomberg doing major damage control after being called a racist over an old clip. talking about criminals and their victims, the fallout next.
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zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam! oral or nasal. >> shannon: our democracy 2020 coverage continues live with a look at the new quinnipiac poll showing a big shift in african-american support on the democratic side. former vice president joe biden losing significant ground to former new york city mayor mike
9:33 pm
bloomberg in the last two weeks. let's talk if the news of the day may impact them again, gentlemen welcome to you both. we are going to put these numbers up, we are looking at january versus now. it has only been two or three week periods, biden in january was at the top of the list. he has lost half of that support, bloomberg seems to be benefiting, sanders has picked a little bit as well. about the same for warren, buttigieg has picked up a little bit as well but that's a major shift to go from 52% down from 27% per joe biden. >> i think it should be a shift that african-americans should take. when we think about the policies which joe biden has supported in the past, architect of the 94 crime bill, being supportive of other policies that have been very unfortunate for african-americans. not just with him but other
9:34 pm
candidates in the race, actually have supported other policies that have marginalized african-americans i think there should be a shift. if we think what's going on with michael bloomberg and how callously he spoke about african-americans, i think the record should be clear that any idea democrats care more about the progress of african-americans is a complete myth. black lives don't matter to democratic candidates, black thosboats do. not offering black policy that's going to target and benefit this community. >> shannon: in those numbers we saw a huge bump, 15 percentage point jump from mayor bloomberg. then today these poll results were before we got the audio, how do you think he manages that? it seems like there's a lot of people out there in the mainstream media and the left were pulling for him because i don't think biden is viable anymore and they worry about
9:35 pm
bernie but do you think he's going to pay a price for the release of this audio? >> there's no question he will pay a price, if i was advising his campaign i would say this -- and 2008, barack obama was forced to give a historic speech on race and i think if michael bloomberg intends to be the nominee of this party, all the numbers indicate he's spending more than any other candidate he probably has the longest runway because he is the amount of money he's pumping into the race, i think now is the time for michael bloomberg to sit down and have an extraordinary speech on race to the american people. there is no question of the damage stop and frisk it in new york city and across the country. he has an obligation to do this and tell the american people he's made a shift. he needs to sit down and have a conversation. michael bloomberg's -- i did not
9:36 pm
interrupt you. >> that's a lie. >> when it came down to the central park five in new york, five innocent men who were put in jail for race and murder, donald trump cited on the opposite side. to this day he has not apologized. >> we can talk about what's factual and we can appoint as president to what donald trump has done for african-americans, we could talk about criminal justice reform, thousands of people released from jail, opportunity zones, the lowest black unemployment rate in this country, his support for school choice which the majority of folks that g go to charter schos are african-americans and they are poor. when we are talking about real
9:37 pm
issues, policies that change individuals lives we can point to donald trump and say this is the person who is actually championing issues that impact african-americans. joe biden recently talked about the fact that african-americans have been taken for granted. i'm glad to see you read my book because is absolutely correct. democrats continuously take african-americans for granted and that hasn't stopped with this administration. it is now another option and his name is. >> don't kiss on black voters and call it rain. the reality is donald trump has attacked congressional members of color, he called his former african-american advisor a dog and i'm just getting started, not to mention charlottesville where he said there's good people on many sides. this is about bloomberg and his ability to talk to black voters. if bloomberg wants to have a conversation with black voters -- >> policy wins. >> shannon: there's so much unsettled with the results of iowa tonight and where it goes
9:38 pm
from here and looking at the former president biden heading into south carolina, his support is slipping but we will see what happens. there are other major headlines tonight from roger stone to jussie smollett, gillian turner joins us. >> good morning, breaking malcolm a four prosecutors signed to roger stone's case are resigning after the justice department revised its second sentencing recommendations after the trump administration sized it. they recommend a stone's earn 872-1108 months after being convicted of lying to congress and witness tampering. the official says the department finds that figure extreme, excessive and grossly disproportionate to his offenses. president trump agrees, take a listen.
9:39 pm
>> it was a disgraceful recommendation. they ought to be ashamed of themselves. they're really guilty ones, people who have committed major crimes are getting away with it. >> fox news can confirm he has pulled -- she was tapped by the fed to oversee both stone and michael flynn's cases. also developing now, after jussie smollett and hot water again after a grand jury returns a six count indictment. those charges come from his claims in january that he was a target of a racist and homophobic attacked by trump supporter's. the initial charges against jussie smollett were dropped prompting a subsequent investigation into exactly why that happened. >> shannon: whichever your time zone may be, thank you. new hampshire feeling the bern
9:40 pm
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>> i think if you look at countries around the world, look at countries in scandinavia, finland, sweden, denmark, what did they have? everybody in those countries has health care as a human right. >> the only one on that stage when asked do you think a socialist should be leading the ticket, do you have trouble with that when george stephanopoulos asked that question, i'm the only one who raised my hand and said yes. >> shannon: the battle for the soul of the democratic party is jointed nights. senator bernie sanders with what looks like a win insuring the debate continues for the foreseeable future. speaking of debates, let's welcome in left coast news host ethan bearman, harmeet dhillon, and the next revolution coast steve hilton, welcome to you a
9:45 pm
all. forbes has the headline "why young voters are embracing bernie sanders and democratic socialism, the schools have not talked much about the ravages of socialism and communism, it's an abstract concept. they are understandably concerned about how they can be self-sufficient, and financially independent and live the american dream. it sounds like the youngsters are willing to take a chance. >> it's certainly true to say they have had a really bad experience with the system as it has been run for the last few years if not suppress they are for change. to leap from that to something completely extreme to what socialism is is incredibly risky and it's important to point out what it really is. you hear bernie sanders talking often about democratic socialism which he freely accepts as a label comparing it to what you see in many other countries around the world particularly in europe. he points to the scandinavian countries, they guarantee health care and have social
9:46 pm
welfare system, safety net and so on. that's not socialism at all, there is a tradition of more center left soft left politics and ideology in europe that you see in those countries but they don't call it socialism, it's called social democracy. what he is talking about, much more centralized government control of the economy and key services like health care, he wants to nationalize health care. you don't see that even in places like u.k. where you have a single-payer system, you still have private insurance. what he's talking about is way more extreme than has been applied anywhere in europe or anywhere outside the former soviet union and the communist states. >> shannon: we had a guest on this show last year, his name is johan norberg cap. he's swedish himself and he put together a documentary about how the swedes abandoned the socialism because it wasn't working there, here's what he said about that now. >> bernie sanders wants america
9:47 pm
to be more like sweden but then they would have to reform social security, introduced school vouchers, abolish taxes on things like inheritance and property because sweden has liberalized dramatically in the last few years because we have tried socialism. >> shannon: that doesn't sound like a senator sanders bag of tricks. a school choice and other things he mentioned. >> when you hear and talk to these young people in the united states, what they are saying is somewhat inconceivably i'm agreeing with steve hilton which is the idea that health care is provided for everybody, that's what the european countries are modeling, that's what they are seeing and tying into this country that the bernie sanders and his medicare for all is the right idea, the democratic party is clear, the majority are saying it's the affordable care act the republicans have been so busy chipping away at and trying to tear down of the trump
9:48 pm
administration suing to remove pre-existing condition coverage. we are saying we have to make sure people have access to health care whether or not it's the 30% who want to nationalize it, the rest of us are saying we just need to expand on what president obama did and make sure everyone has access to affordable health care. >> shannon: here is what chris matthews on another network is saying echoing what a lot of people on the left are saying, they are worrying about having a socialist on this ticket against donald trump, here's what he said. >> the issue in this campaign it is that word socialism, some people like it, those of us like me who grew up in the cold war ended saw some aspects of it visiting places like vietnam like i haven't seen countries like cuba being there, i've seen what socialism is like, i don't like it. it's not only not free, it doesn't work. >> shannon: he is worried, he's among those who are worri worried. >> he is worried, james carville are worried about the young
9:49 pm
people who are we are talking about just rolled her eyes and say okay boomer when they hear this type of back to the past the past commentary. when you look at the results tonight in new hampshire you see that bernie had a very strong showing in the urban areas and not so much in the wealthy rural areas and they had a showing amongst under 45 very liberal voters. what we've come out of his bernie sanders a strong showing is the future of the democratic party and the kind of moderate last week around the edges, that's not the core of the party anymore. the party has gone hard left. this is going to be a real problem as they move forward and i see bernie sanders as the front runner of the democratic party, donald trump tweeted today, he's the one with the energy and young voters. >> if you add up the numbers in new hampshire, the moderates still had a majority.
9:50 pm
>> shannon: we will see what they decide for the nomination, thank you all for dealing with us. coming up, a driver arrested for plowing into a group of trump supporter is reportedly smiling as he arrived in court. details of a disturbing story that isn't getting a whole lot of national attention next. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room. our retirement plan with voya gives us confidence. yeah, they help us with achievable steps along the way... we can spend a bit now, knowing we're prepared for the future. surprise!
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>> shannon: another florida man behind bars with the weekend attack on a group of trump supporter's pure cheap breaking news trace gallagher is on the case tonight. >> shannon, good evening a group of volunteers with the devolved republican party in jacksonville, florida, set up a tent on sunday near a mall and were trying to register people to vote. the police a 27-year-old gregory tim then drove his van into the tent. nobody was injured, that after he allegedly drove over chairs and tables and into the tent, witnesses say the suspect got out of his van, took cell phone video, made obscene gestures and sped off. he was arrested a few hours later. thchair set on social media the suspect was intentionally targeting trump campaign volunteers. >> we are not going to be runaway. in fact we will rededicate our efforts to be in more places and
9:55 pm
more numerous than before. it and according to the police report the suspect never denied going after republicans come in fact just the opposite telling the police he ran into the tent because he doesn't like president trump and someone had to take a stand. gregory tim also voluntarily showed the police videos he took while he was driving towards the tent. and he was apparently upset because one video ended before he actually hit the tent. tim now facing aggravated assault charges made his first court appearance today where he smiled and nodded two cameras. donald trump jr. says, he is the sound of the story did not get more attention. watch. >> if the shoe were on the other foot and that was some sort of pretend, you know, crazy right wing, all to right whatever person doing it to bernie sanders or elizabeth it would be the number 1 new storyl over america. >> marco rubio and rick scott cold it politically motivated and president trump tweeted "be
9:56 pm
careful, tough guys, who you play with, shannon. >> shannon: trace gallagher. thank you we will stay on the story. from now from new hampshire most-watched, most trusted's most cream, grateful you spent the evening with us. we will be back tomorrow. i'm shannon bream. >> the winner of "american idol" is -- >> ever since we moved here, i've been noticing it.
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>> shannon: the fox news election alert. shannon bream coming to you live from bedford new hampshire. the fox news at night, the first in the nation new hampshire primary. we are looking tonight at a thorough shake-up of the democratic field. the democraticak bernie sanders emerging victorious. small town mayor pete buttigieg the front b of the pack. they finish as recently as late january. amy klobuchar pulling in single digits. in new hampshire tonight, she is disrupting the democratic filled with third-place finish. senator elizabeth warren with a fourth-place finish b


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